Connect the ToolPort in an instant just by turning it on – it’s that easy.

The ToolPort uses an on-board mobile phone to connect to our SkyPort webserver, simplifying the communications process while drastically reducing machine management. No LAN connection is required, and no firewall modifications are needed.

To provide quick data, SkyPort contains a dashboard providing a quick, graphical overview as a business tool, allowing you to follow your usage and measure performance.

Using cloud-based software SkyPort*, you can:

  • Manage your ToolPort from any computer
  • Access purchase orders & usage reports
  • Configure multiple suppliers
  • Send email reports to your desktop
  • Get accurate job costing
  • Track your insert usage in real time
  • Use the Online Dash Board for a quick overview
  • Use cloud computing for backups and updates

*SkyPort is an optional addition to ToolPort

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