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The ToolPort is designed to be fast and intuitive to use. As soon as the door is open, the operator can see and select any item and dispense it easily. The item is logged by user, job number, time, and date.


To Dispense Inserts:

  • To access the door – first login with Username and Password/Barcode/Scanner
  • Enter Job Number and cost centre (optional)
  • The door can now be opened
  1. Search by free text code and select item by pressing OK
  2. Visually look for item
  • As soon as the door is opened every product is illuminated by white LED lights
  • Press tab to release product
  • Close door to log out



The process of restocking is fast and simple!

  1. Call up the purchase order and scan the packet with the barcode reader to identify the product
  2. LED light on drawer will indicate its location
  3. Unlock the drawer and slide out
  4. Remove cartridge
  5. Add products
  6. Return cartridge to drawer
  7. Press OK


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